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Welcome to PotFunder, a platform to crowdfund the growth of PotCoin.

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Help the PotCoin website show people where to spend their PotCoins!

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Successful potcoin_marketing

So there have been talks of creating a marketing campaign for Potcoin, since we are all investors of Potcoin I have taken it upon myself to carry out this campaing in an easy, straight forward manner.

  • 474% Funded
  • Ᵽ 118,420 Pledged
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By hcf27

Successful andymilonakis

How Much Does the PotCoin Community Love Andy Milonakis?

  • 100% Funded
  • Ᵽ 421,000 Pledged
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Unsuccessful /home/potfunde/public_html/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/tmp_qa0VQMI51228110.png

Designing T shirts with potcoin reddit community member support. This image Design is by /u/blakeaholics, Pot artists welcome!

  • 5% Funded
  • Ᵽ 2,500 Pledged
  • Campaignis finished
Successful /home/potfunde/public_html/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/PotCoinNoWiki1.jpg

Bounty for PotCoin Wikipedia Page

Ᵽ 24,200

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Successful hop-1280

Help to directly support all of the content I make for my blog, High on PotCoin.

  • 100% Funded
  • Ᵽ 12,500 Pledged
  • Campaignis finished

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